Yellowstone fans Are Wondering why women keep throwing themselves towards Jimmy,

On Yellowstone, there is no scarcity of attractive cowboys, let's face it. 

For example, the ladies adore Cole Hauser's Rip Wheeler and Luke Grimes' Kayce Dutton, and I won't even bring up Kevin Costner. From 18 to 80 years old, women adore him. 

Ryan Bingham, the other bunkhouse guys, and Jimmy Hurdstrom (Jefferson White), the lovable ranch idiot, are all attractive. As the series goes on, Jimmy Hurdstrom actually develops into a competent ranch hand. 

Jimmy's journey from drug dealer to cowboy is rather interesting. He has, however, developed into one of the most likeable characters over the show's first four seasons, the person you root for who is the total underdog. 

However, it appears that wherever he goes, the ladies are eager to get their hands on some of old Jimmy. 

One Yellowstone enthusiast inquired in a recent Reddit thread: 

Why do these women seem to be virtually flinging themselves at Jimmy? 

Nice query... 

Here are some responses and some thought-provoking hypotheses: 

It's difficult to find single cowboys. 

Apparently, if you work in the ranching industry, it's difficult to find a good, SINGLE, cowboy. As a commenter noted, Emily addressed Jimmy's question directly. 

Jimmy's situation may therefore just be a game of numbers: 

Emily claimed that she had already dated half of the few unmarried guys in the county where the 6666 is located. You cannot understand barrel racers because they are nuts. 

"Both of the women who were drawn to Jimmy are cowgirls looking for cowboys, that is, a mate who follows a similar lifestyle or culture. Already, that drastically reduces it. 

Finding a man who is equally competitive and unmarried is a fucking gold mine for any competitive woman. Finding a man who is actively interested in horses and unmarried is like winning the lotto. 

Jimmy is witty, finally a good cowboy, and most importantly, unmarried. So I guess that's all you need in cowboy country. 

Size Counts 

Many Redditors attributed it to Little Jimmy's size—or, perhaps, not so little Jimmy. 

There is a not-so-subtle clue about Jimmy's stallion's size in the hospital scene. 

It's due of his illustrious..." 

God must have given him a massive dick because he didn't give him much cognitive capacity. 

Jimmy fisks. 

However, Jimmy's virginity was made known before Mia jumped on top of him in the hospital. Although it's possible that Jimmy's hog is as big as some have said, its usability remains to be shown. 

Emily signed up for that for the rest of her life, so obviously his game was good enough for her. 

But of all of them, this one might have been the most accurate: 

This is referred to as the Pete Davidson Syndrome. 

But really, what's up with that guy? 

Jimmy does, however, possess that elusive Pete Davidson trait that makes him appear to be irresistibly alluring to women. Jimmy possesses what some people refer to as BDE, while others just refer to it as being a kind guy with a sense of humor. 

Jimmy, whatever you're doing is effective. 

In Season 5, which will debut on November 13th on Paramount Network, we'll see how things goes for our recently engaged stud. 

In the interim, let's reflect on Jimmy and Mia's romance, recalling the happy and unhappy moments as well as when everything went wrong:


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