Yellowstone season 5 theory: Double exit for Laramie and Walker after fans spot clue

When YELLOWSTONE comes back for season five, fans might be shocked by a double exit. 

Yellowstone, a popular western show on the Paramount Network, will soon be back with its fifth season. Yellowstone was about the Dutton family, led by patriarch John Dutton. The series ended with a major death, and a clue has led fans to believe there could be more heartbreaking scenes (played by Kevin Costner). 

With his three grown-up children and an army of ranch hands, he and his family were always busy working on the land and fighting. 


The Dutton family had to deal with threats from casino moguls, land developers, and the Broken Rock Reservation because their ranch was the biggest in the United States. 

Rich businessmen had offered John millions of dollars for the land, but John had turned them down because his family had owned the ranch for seven generations. 

Even so, the Dutton family kept living in a corrupt world where they had to protect themselves from the people who lived near them. 

This included very serious threats to their lives. 

The show also looked at the lives of the ranch hands who worked for John their whole lives. 

Since they also lived on the land, viewers saw how they dealt with problems, which often had to do with love. 

This was the case with Laramie (Hassie Harrison), whose arrival in the third season caused a big fight between Lloyd (Forrie J. Smith) and Walker (William Jackson Harper) (Ryan Bingham). 

When Walker started showing off his relationship with Laramie in front of Lloyd, things quickly got out of hand. 

Since Laramie had slept with Lloyd first, he became angry and jealous because he thought the cowboy had stolen his girlfriend. 

This led to a fight, in which Lloyd broke his guitar and put a knife close to his heart. 

Laramie and Walker have made their relationship official, but it looks like both of them will die in season five. 

On the official Yellowstone Instagram page, there is a picture of the actors who play Walker and Laramie, along with Ian Bohen, who plays Ryan. 

The picture of the three of them had the caption, "Rip is probably telling them to get back to work, but he's out of the picture." 

Even though the caption was funny, fans wanted Laramie to leave through the train station, which was called "murder station" on the show. 

"Walker and buckle bunny to the train station," wrote @chrissyblue0. "You can keep the other one."


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