A man was arrested for throwing trash into the gutter while it was raining.

 A man is chilling out in police custody after being caught putting trash in a gutter while it was raining in his neighborhood. 

People in the neighborhood saw a middle-aged man named Mukaila Ismail Gado carrying a bag full of trash, according to the source. 

After a while, they saw him throw trash into a gutter. He did this because it was raining and he thought that the running water would carry the trash away. 

Some people in the community were upset by what he did, so they took a picture of him, which led to his arrest. 

See the source post's screen shot below: 

Check out what some Internet users had to say; 

Heart @Gala: Every day for three months, he should clean out the gutter. 

@Abiola Ajay: He has to do community service for 6 months. 

@Ayinuowo1: Even if he goes to jail for 5 years and has to clean gutters, that doesn't mean he won't do it again when he gets out.

Source: ghpage.com

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