A woman dies in a car accident while trying to catch her husband and his mistress.

A middle-aged woman was driving after her husband and his alleged mistresses when she crashed her car on the Muritala Mohammed Highway in Calabar, Nigeria. 

Reports say that the woman saw her husband leave a shopping mall with a woman she thought was his side chick. 

The wife, who was driving a Toyota Highlander, tried to stop her husband's car from leaving the mall, but he got away. 

She then tried to catch up to her husband on the highway, but she lost control of the fast-moving car and went off the road. 

"The woman saw her husband at the Spar shop with another woman in the car, so she drove quickly to double-cross them. When this man saw her car, he ran away quickly. This made the woman angry, so she sped up. 

I was driving behind them, and in less than 3 minutes, I saw her in the accident, where she was unconscious and about to die. The husband, who was running, dropped off the woman he was with and ran down to help her get out of the car. She was taken to the hospital right away. "We hope she makes it through," a witness said. 

The woman was taken to a nearby hospital right away because she was hurt badly, but she died a few minutes later. 

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In Other News:

Ghana's Igbo community has made Ghanaian gospel singer Gifty Adorye, also known as Empress Gifty, a Chief. 

A lot of entertainers came to the ceremony at the Efia Sutherland Children Park in Accra to show their support for their sister and fellow worker in the industry. 

The Nigerian King of the Igbo Community in Ghana gave the gospel singer the title "Chief Ugo Nma." 

The name stands for ambition, independence, power, stamina, dependability, determination, and professionalism. 

At the same time, Ghana marked the tenth anniversary of the Igbo throne and the New Yam Festival. 

After she was crowned, Empress Gifty reaffirmed her love for the Igbo people in Ghana and around the world. 

The Igbo Community made Gifty Adorye the new chief.

Source: Ghpage.com

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