Aisha Huang, a galamsey kingpin in China, was taken into police custody.

 The notorious Chinese galamsey kingpin known as Aisha Huang has been arrested and put in jail by the Ghana Police Service.

Remember that about 5 years ago, the well-known galamsey businesswoman ran away to her home country after being arrested, released, and then put on a list of people the police were looking for.

It looks like Aisha Huang had sneaked back into the country to keep doing her illegal mining.

She and three other people have been charged with selling and buying minerals without a license.

She is also being held on a separate provisional charge of mining without a permit.

When she went to court in Accra on September 1, she didn't say anything about the two charges because there wasn't a Chinese interpreter there.

Aisha Huang was charged last Friday, but her plea hasn't been taken yet. On Monday, September 5, the other three,

Jong Li Hua, Huang Jei, and Huiad Hiahu, went before the Circuit Court, which was led by His Honour Bright Acquah.

In other News:

An expert has said that using polythene to wrap foods like Banku is poisonous and bad for your health.

The Minister of Environment, Science, Technology, and Innovation, Dr. Kwaku Afriyie, has warned that eating food that has been wrapped in these plastics is bad for your health.

So, it tells caterers and food suppliers that it's better for their customers' health if they stop serving food in plastic containers.

The purpose of the meeting, which was attended by people from the many informal players in the food and drink industry, was to talk about how to deal with plastic trash, which has become a major environmental problem.

"Some of these chemicals have been linked to health problems like metabolic disorders (like obesity) and lower fertility," the minister said.

"Excess packaging is one of the worst things for the environment that caterers and professional kitchens do. This packaging includes containers for food, plastic wraps for ingredients, and, in many cases, disposable cutlery and utensils.

"Before these banku rubbers were made, our grandparents could still store banku for more than a week without it going bad or causing health problems. In fact, they used things that could make the banku healthier, he said [quote from] .gh]


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