Aisha Huang is charged with letting her dogs loose on the police officers who came to her house to arrest her.

Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, a member of parliament for North Tongu, talked about how Aisha Huang allegedly let her dogs out on police officers who came to her house to arrest her.

Samuel Okudzeto said that the staff had to call for more help to be able to arrest and take her into custody.

He did, however, ask why the state prosecutor didn't add charges like resisting arrest and obstructing the police instead of just a single charge.

He said this on the Good Morning Ghana show on September 23, 2022. He said, "When they went to arrest her, she let her dogs go after them.

Come see speed. They had to run out and ask National Security agents for help before she picked, but if you look at the charges, none of these things are there. "There's nothing there about resisting arrest or getting in the way.

He asked which government officials let Aisha Huang back into the country, and he was worried that no Ghanaians had been arrested because of her return.

Aisha Huang will be tried in court after she is taken into custody again.

Aisha Huang is being charged with selling minerals without a license and mining without a license. The court did not let the Chinese woman who is said to be married to a Ghanaian man and the other three accused people out on bail on September 14, 2022, even though they said they were innocent.

On September 27, 2022, she is likely to show up again.


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