Because of "galamsey," Ghana Water Company says it might stop doing business.

The Ghana Water Company Ltd. has warned that it could stop doing business in areas where galamsey is a problem if the cost of treating water gets too high for the company to keep doing business there. 

The company that makes water has been complaining for years about how galamsey affects the raw materials and the cost of making water, but illegal mining is still going strong. 

Stanley Martey, the Communications Director for Ghana Water Company, told Citi News that the company will change how it works if nothing is done to stop the problem. 

"The water can't be cleaned past a certain level of turbidity. "Then we will stop doing business," Mr. Martey said. 

"The pollution of the river systems affects the whole country, as well as us as individuals and as a business," Mr. Martey said. 

So, Mr. Martey has asked the country to step up its fight against Galamsey. 

"It is up to all of us to fight the problem, or it will affect not just the Ghana Water Company Limited but the whole country."


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