Big Akwes was caught in a fight with Baba Spirit's family over how his funeral would be set up.

Last Thursday, after he had been sick for a short time, the shocking news about Ghanaian comedian Baba Spirit came out on the internet. 

The comic thought that his friends were trying to kill him with black magic because of the strange things that happened before he died. 

Baba Spirit says that his friends turned against him because they were jealous of how he became famous and rich at their expense. 

When it comes to friends, the family of the late comedian almost got into a fight with the actor Big Akwes, who has since caused quite a stir. 

Relatives of Baba Spirit are said to have made plans for his burial that the actor didn't like. 

Also, a popular new video shows Big Akwesh yelling at his family members. 

Check out the video:


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