Bob Odenkirk Reveals What He Will Miss Most About Better Call Saul

Bob Odenkirk was honest about what he will miss most about playing the famous criminal lawyer on Better Call Saul, and it's his co-stars. 

When Bob Odenkirk's character, Saul Goodman, went from being a comic relief character in Breaking Bad to the main character in Better Call Saul, he proved himself to be a good leading man of an interesting TV drama. As soon as the show was over, Odenkirk said what he was going to miss most about it. 

Even though Better Call Saul didn't win any Emmys, Odenkirk was happy to praise the show himself. When asked about being with the cast of Better Call Saul at the Emmys, Odenkirk said that the thing he would miss most about the show would be the friendships he had with his co-stars. 

During an interview with Extratv, Odenkirk talked about how well he got along with co-stars Rhea Seehorn and Patrick Fabian, who played Kim Wexler and Howard Hamlin, respectively. "The three of us lived together. Patrick, Rhea, and I. We're old friends. Everything we did, we did together. We made dinners together. We went on hikes together. We saved dogs, and they had puppies. Odenkirk made it clear that his friendship with these two is what he'll miss most about the show. "I mean, we share a home. It was a wonderful time. So, that's what I'm going to miss the most." 

If you look at their Twitter and Instagram accounts, you can tell that the cast of Better Call Saul got along well while they were filming the show. Different cast members posted photos of themselves doing different things with each other, which shows how much they liked working together on the show. A show can benefit a lot from having a cast that likes being together because it makes for a healthy place to work. Everyone has heard of TV or movie casts that didn't get along, so it's even more heartwarming to see one that does. This is especially true of Better Call Saul, since Breaking Bad gave off the same vibes, as shown by the strong friendship between Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. 

It also shows how well the actors on the show did their jobs. Even though Jimmy and Kim hated Howard so much that they plotted to ruin his reputation (which led to his tragic death), Odenkirk and Seehorn still got along well with Fabian. This shows how dedicated everyone was to their roles. It can also seem strange to see pictures of Fabian and Tony Dalton, who played Howard's murderer Lalo Salamanca, smiling together. However, this shows how close everyone was and how much they cared about their roles. 

Vince Gilligan may or may not continue the Breaking Bad universe, but he did create two of the most popular TV dramas of all time, and the casts of those shows seemed to get along well with each other. It says a lot about him as a showrunner that he knows how important it is for actors to become friends while working together. Tension on the job can cause problems, so the fact that you haven't had any in 14 years is very impressive.


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