Bridgerton’ Season 3: How The Books Continue The Story of Kate and Anthony

There are still plenty other storylines to investigate with Bridgerton Season 2's adaptation of the second book in Julia Quinn's novel series. The love triangle between Kate, Anthony, and Edwina, which resulted in a marriage, was the main subject of the second season. 

The characters' absence from subsequent seasons' episodes worried fans. For Bridgerton Season 3, Simone Ashley and Jonathan Bailey confirmed that they will return as Kate and Anthony, but the novels hint at other outcomes. 

[Caution: Season 2 and book spoilers for Bridgerton are present in this article.] 

Season 3 of "Bridgerton" will see some sort of reappearance from Simone Ashley. 

Fans of Bridgerton Season 2 are swooning over Kate and Anthony's sultry chemistry as they struggle with their developing love for one another. By the end, when Kate becomes the new viscountess, they have found their happily ever after. Fans were uncertain as to whether Kate and Anthony would return even though the season hinted at the standalone stories that would occur in Bridgerton Season 3. 

Regé-Jean Page had a lot of admirers in Bridgerton, but his contract only allowed him one payment. In the second season, his character Simon Basset was barely referenced at all. Fans questioned whether Ashley and Bailey's characters would experience the same thing. 

According to Deadline, Ashley confirmed that Kate and Anthony would appear in Season 3 and subsequent seasons of Bridgerton. "We'll be back soon! Kate and Anthony had only just begun, she said. "I feel like things are just getting started. In Season 3, I'd like to see Kate just fool around a little bit more and kind of float in that circle of love with the other characters. They both, in my opinion, merit it. 

Bailey teased fans in a different ET interview by saying that their characters would appear in the other Bridgerton family narratives and in the weddings of the siblings. The series will center on a different Bridgerton brother in each season, raising the question of where Kate and Anthony fit into the plot of the books. 

The third season of "Bridgerton" and subsequent seasons will still feature Kate and Anthony's narrative. 

The man of the house and the oldest Bridgerton got married. Reddit users explain how Kate and Anthony's union is distinct from that of Daphne and Simon. I concur that Kate has been hired for the long run. Bridgerton House is the focus of the show, in contrast to Simon, who is away taking care of his own land and other concerns. Her absence would be difficult to justify, a supporter remarked. 

Due to her marriage into the Bridgerton family and her status as a viscountess, Kate does possess a separate family position. Fans tend to overestimate the frequency of Kate and Anthony's appearances in the books. They frequently show up in the epilogues of each book and a few scenes here and there, a fan on Reddit reveals. 

Given that they have four children in the books, Ashely is correct to think that there is still more to discover about their marriage. Anthony appears in all but Francesca's and Benedict's books, according to another fan on Reddit. In later books, he assumes a fatherly role.


Kate makes a brief appearance in Benedict and Francesca's books, but other than that, she really plays no significant role in the story. She plays a bigger part in Gregory's book, which is also the only one in which we see future Kanthony," explains a supporter. What book will be the focus of Bridgerton Season 3 is yet unknown. 

Season 3 of "Bridgerton" may or may not center on Colin or Benedict. 

The third and fourth seasons of Bridgerton were given the green light by Netflix before the start of the second season. Every season will be an adaptation of a new book on a Bridgerton sibling's love story, according to Chris Van Dusen and Shonda Rhimes. 

Fans are still unsure which Bridgerton will be the next, however Bridgerton Season 2 may have laid the ground for it. Fans got to witness more of Benedict's solitary tale over the season about attending art school but not feeling fulfilled. A little detail that alluded to Benedict's tale in An Offer From a Gentleman also made reference to a new housemaid. 

Fans speculated that Colin would be the next after Rhimes said the series would not strictly follow the book. He and Penelope experienced difficulty. Fans believe that it is time for him to reflect on who he is and what or who he really wants. The commencement of filming for the new season was announced by Nicola Coughlin.


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