Bridgerton's season 3 has a new cast.

Since it came out in 2020, Bridgerton has  a big deal in pop culture. The show has been praised for being open to everyone. Season 2 was a big deal because it brought South Asian women to the upper class and told Lady Whistledown's secrets. It also gave Anthony his viscountess. 

Season 3 of Bridgerton has already started, and there are new people in the cast. Get to know who they are. 

In Season 3, the relationship between Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton is looked at. 

During the first season, Penelope Featherington mostly just watched what was going on. Most of the attention was on Daphne Bridgerton, the belle of the ball, so no one paid her any mind. This let her keep running her business, which was spreading rumors for a buck. 

Season 2 got her out of her comfort zone and into the spotlight, but she spent most of it either missing Colin, who still had feelings for Marina, or trying to avoid the nosy Eloise. 

In season 3, the story will be about young Featherington and how her relationship with Colin is one-sided. Colin will try to help Penelope find a suitor, even though she might not be the most beautiful girl at the ball this season. When we last saw Penelope, she had overheard Colin talking badly about her to his friends and ending any chance of them getting together. 

This season, Penelope may finally come to terms with the fact that she and Colin may not have been meant to be. Colin starts to like Penelope more as he goes out of his way to help her shine and find a suitor. Colin's lessons might be too good, because Penelope might start getting a lot of attention, which might make the young Bridgerton uncomfortable. 

Colin might realize that he loves Penelope and wants her all to himself. He might then ask for her hand. The split between Penelope and Eloise will also be looked at this season. Because Penelope told everyone about Eloise's plans through the Whistledown columns, Eloise has every right to be mad at her. Penelope's only friend was Eloise, so it hurts her that they are no longer friends. 

"Bridgerton" added new people to the cast.


In its second season, Bridgerton added a few new characters, and in the third season, more actors are set to join the cast. Deadline says that Daniel Francis, Sam Phillips, and James Phoon have joined the show's cast for season 3. 

The news source says that Francis will play Marcus Anderson, a charming man who lights up any room he walks into and gets the attention (and anger) of the town's older women. Phillips will play Lord Debling, a kind lord who is interested in strange things. Because of his money and title, the young women may overlook his strange habits. 

Phoon plays the role of Harry Dankworth, a handsome young man who is not very smart or funny. Phillips had a small part in The Crown, while Francis played Dr. Facilier/Baron Samdi in Once Upon a Time and Dave Shaw in Stay Close. Phoon played Hamish in the movie Wreck. 

Since most of the season is about Penelope and Colin, Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton will be back to play their parts. Lady Violet (Ruth Gemmell), Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor), Anthony (Jonathan Bailey and Simone Ashley), and Eloise (Claudia Jesse) from the Bridgerton family will be back. 

The roles of Lady Danbury (Adjoa Ando), Queen Charlotte (Golda Rosheuvel), and Portia Featherington (Polly Walker) will also be played again. Ruby Stokes, who played Francesca Bridgerton in the first and second seasons, won't be back for the third season. Her role will be taken over by Hannah Dodd.


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