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When a young man got down on his knees to beg, his girlfriend made him feel like a fool. 

In a video that has gone viral, the man is seen begging for forgiveness for what seems to have been a mistake in their relationship. 

He went into the woman's hostel to beg and get her back. 

But the girl with so much attitude wasn't ready to listen to him at all. 

"It's over, don't bother me anymore." 

Before she told the young man to leave, the woman said this. 

Based on what was shown in the video, the woman's reaction was based on the fact that the man had been unfaithful to her. 

The guy just stood there the whole time.

In other news;

Sarkodie hits the studios with Black Sherif

 Fans of Sarkodie and Black Sherif, two of Ghana's best-known artists, went crazy when a video of them recording in the studio showed up on social media. 

Even though Sarkodie has been making music for a long time, he is still seen as the best rapper to come from Ghana. He is looked up to by many young rappers across the African continent. 

After he dropped his first sermon, Black Sherif became a well-known name, and he has since gone on to make several songs that are big hits around the world. 

Netizens who have seen the video say that the song is popular, even though they haven't heard it yet. 

Some people think that the song will be a hit when it comes out because Sarkodie, who is known for his rapper teams, is working with Black Sherif, who is also a rapper and a good lyricist. 

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