Did Charmaine go through IVF to get pregnant in "Virgin River"?

Since it first came out on Netflix, Virgin River has been a big hit. Based on the book series by Robyn Carr, the series takes place in the made-up small town of Virgin River, California, and follows a nurse named Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) who moves there from Los Angeles to get away from her painful past. 

Mel moves to a small town to think about her life, but she gets involved with Jack (Martin Henderson), an Army veteran who owns the town's only bar, and the other nosy but nice people who live there. Even though Mel and Jack become close and start dating, problems come up quickly. 

Fans and Jack were shocked when Jack's ex-girlfriend Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley) said she was pregnant with his twins. But some fans of Virgin River no longer think Jack is the father of the babies. People think Charmaine may have done anything to get Jack's attention. 

Is there going to be a third season of "Virgin River" on Netflix? 

On July 9, Netflix will show the first episode of the third season of Virgin River. The trailer has already been released by the streaming service, and it's full of clues and information. In the trailer, fans will be happy to see that Jack almost died when he was shot at his bar, but he did not. Jack and Mel can't agree on whether or not to start a family. We know that Jack is going to be a dad soon, and we also know that Mel has had a stillborn child and has had trouble getting pregnant in the past. 

In addition to their problems, it looks like Doc (Tim Matheson) is having major health problems, and the person who set Jack's house on fire is still looking for him. 

This season, some new people are also coming to Virgin River. Deadline says that Zibby Allen from the show Grey's Anatomy will play Jack's sister Brie. Stacey Farber also has a recurring role as Lilly's (Linda Boyd) oldest daughter Tara, who helps take care of her younger sister Chloe. Tara is played by Stacey Farber. 

On the show "Virgin River," did Charmaine use IVF to get pregnant? 

Charmaine hasn't been a fan favorite on Virgin River, that's for sure. In Season 3, she even meets someone new, and it seems like she is pushing Jack away from the lives of his unborn children. So, fans of Virgin River have thought that Jack might not even be the father of Charmaine's babies. 

Some people on Reddit think that Charmaine used IVF to get pregnant before she could convince Jack that he was the father of her kids. Express quotes a Reddit user who said, 

Based on what we know about Charmaine so far, this idea does make sense.

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