Gateman wrecks madam's car when he is learning to drive while she is away.

After crashing his boss's car, a young man got himself into a lot of trouble. He may have been trying to impress the girls in the neighborhood.

According to a video that has been shared, he damaged his madam's SUV while trying to learn how to leave the compound backwards. Some people who wanted to make fun of him filmed the exact moment that happened.

From the voices in the background of the video, it sounds like the gateman tried out the whip while he was waiting for his mistress to leave the house, but it went horribly wrong.

When he hit the back bumper, the gate almost came off. Someone

The gateman stood still and watched as someone he thought was a family member looked at the level from afar.

The video has a caption that says, "POV: Your gateman used your mom's car to learn how to back up when she wasn't home."

As expected, people on the internet had something to say about the video, and they came out to talk about it.

clear stretch_; He didn't lose his job, but he will have to pay for damages with all of the money he made in the last month.

Iamyetundebakare: No, so his pay will go backward

big ray001: This feeling ni**a has been through a lot.

When you drop the key with them, their story must come in.

goldenson6345: I just want to work for free.

fashion magicblog: If you want to learn how to put clothes together, check out our blog.

heisixlord; He don sabi reverse now? Make e dey reserve dey go village

Someone, please play me "No Go Dey Do Pass Yourself By" by Kizz Daniel.

classic. xchange; This guy is going to be a star.

tour lanny: Sheyb, does he get paid?

Is this playing, princessprice2?

prettygifttyy; Please apply to be a gate man for 5 years. In a video that the woman's child took and posted online, the man could be seen looking at the damage to the car.


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