In 1961, Ghanaian chiefs gave a lot of gold to Queen Elizabeth II. This video shows the event.

Yesterday, Queen Elizabeth II died. Today, an old video has been found online that shows several Ghanaian chiefs giving the monarch a lot of gold during her historic first visit to Ghana in 1961.

In 1961, the late Queen of England, her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, and Prince Philip were in Cape Coast. The video shows the chiefs lining up to give them gold gifts.

This video was made at the former capital of the Gold Coast, where chiefs and people gathered for a durbar for the Queen and her husband.

In the video, it's easy to see that the Fante chiefs gave the British monarchy several gold items, including a solid gold miniature palanquin, which was said to be their most important gift.

Queen Elizabeth also got a beautifully made linguist's staff made of solid gold and a small gold sword.

Watch the below video to learn more. (Video from British Pathe on YouTube)

Raymond Asamoah – Ok, folks, this is how our kingdom and country fell.

Barekese Mmrante Hene: Instead of using that gold to help your people, you're giving it to other people without getting anything in return.

Tey Wan: Either give us British citizenship or give us back our gold.

Quophi Tsibuah – What were these leaders like? They always make white people insult us. Is this meant to be a present?

Owusu Livingstone: They should have given her Kente instead of gold. Our ancestors made a mistake, kraaa. They have been taking advantage of us for a long time, but not in our time.


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