In response to a church member's two-month tithe arrears, the pastor threatens to remove his spiritual protection from the church

I was unaware until today that paying tithes is the prerequisite for receiving spiritual protection from a pastor (man of God). 

Or God won't bless you unless you give him money. I was unaware of this. When did that start to be a prerequisite for blessing and spiritual protection? 

An unidentified pastor's church member sent a message on social media, and the responses it received were absurd. 

According to the message posted online, the unidentified pastor warned the churchgoer that because he hadn't paid the required tithe, his spiritual covering had lapsed for two months. 

The pastor gave him a deadline in which to pay off the two months' worth of tithing arrears in order to reinstate the blessings, serenity, and spiritual protection over his life. 

In the message posted online, the pastor said that failing to pay the tithe would result in the church member being expelled and losing the covering he has been enjoying all these time. 


Let me explain what tithing is. 

A tithe is a one-tenth portion of something that is paid as a tax or donation to the government or a religious institution. 

Tithes were once mandatory and given in kind, such as agricultural products, but today they are typically voluntary and given in cash, checks, or more lately, online. 

To read more, see Leviticus 27:30.


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