In the season 6 of Cobra Kai, there are three great candidates for the Sekai Taikai.

In Cobra Kai season 6, the Sekai Taikai global karate tournament is likely to happen. Here are the best characters to win the competition. 

Even though season 6 of Cobra Kai is still a long way off, the show already has three great candidates for the Sekai Taikai. After two seasons of the All Valley Karate Tournament, one in season 1 and the other in season 2, Cobra Kai is now expanding its world with the Sekai Taikai, a global tournament that started in season 5 and will probably be the main plot of season 6. 

It is possible to guess who will win the Sekai Taikai based on the results of the two All Valley tournaments and the character arcs seen in Cobra Kai season 5. 

Cobra Kai has a tradition of having seasons that are about tournaments and seasons that aren't about tournaments. Season 5 of Cobra Kai was mostly about Terry Silver's plan to expand and focused on fights that weren't for points. In season 5 of Cobra Kai, the stakes were higher than they had ever been. This was mostly because there wasn't a tournament. The best parts of Cobra Kai, like the school fight in season 2 and the house fight in season 3, happened when there was no tournament going on. This makes the Sekai Taikai in season 6 difficult. 

So far, three people from Cobra Kai have won the All Valley. In season 1, Miguel won the tournament, and in season 4, Tory and Hawk won the All Valley tournament. Now, Cobra Kai season 6 is going to a global tournament to make the stakes even higher and keep the show from getting boring. It's hard to say how the Sekai Taikai will be fought because fighters from all over the world will be there to represent their dojos. Most of the Cobra Kai characters now fight for Johnny and Daniel's dojo, which still doesn't have a name. Based on how powerful they are and how the show is going, Robby, Sam, and Miguel are the most likely to win the Sekai Taikai. Robby and Sam have never won the All Valley, and Miguel hasn't won anything important since the first season. 

Robby Keene has lost the All Valley finals the last two years in a row. From a story point of view, Robby wasn't ready to win either time. Most of the first season of Cobra Kai, Robby only trained with Daniel LaRusso to annoy Johnny, who had grown close to Miguel by then. Robby didn't know why he was fighting, which was a mistake he made again in season 4 of Cobra Kai. Robby trained with John Kreese and Terry Silver for most of Cobra Kai season 4. He thought he wasn't being used by Cobra Kai, but Kreese and Silver turned his anger against Daniel and Johnny into a weapon. Robby's redemption arc was hinted at in the last episode of Cobra Kai's fourth season. With what happened in Cobra Kai's fifth season, that arc is now over. Robby's relationships with Johnny, Daniel, Sam, and Miguel, among others, have been fixed. So, for the first time since Cobra Kai began, Robby understands why he is fighting. Robby is a great choice to win the Sekai Taikai because of this. 

Sam LaRusso is another main Cobra Kai character who has never won the All Valley. In season 4 of Cobra Kai, Terry Silver set up Tory to win the title instead of Sam, which robbed Sam of the title. Sam's loss at the All Valley had a big effect on her character, and she and Miguel even broke up because of it. Sam didn't know what to do after she lost the All Valley, and it took her most of Cobra Kai season 5 to figure out who she was again. Sam's win over Cobra Kai in the qualifiers for the Sekai Taikai was a good way to end her season 5 storyline. However, Sam has never won a tournament and is one of the best fighters on the show, so a win in the Sekai Taikai would be a good fit for the character. Also, since the whole Karate Kid universe began with LaRusso beating the favorites in a tournament, Sam winning the Sekai Taikai would be a nod to the first movie in the series. 

Cobra Kai comes full circle when Miguel wins the Sekai Taikai. 

Even though the cast of Cobra Kai has grown, it could be said that Miguel is the show's main character. But because new characters are always being added, Miguel hasn't gotten as much attention in the last two Cobra Kai seasons as he did in the first three. At some point, Cobra Kai will probably turn back to Miguel, especially if it's getting close to the end, and there's no better way to do that than for Miguel to win the Sekai Taikai. If season 6 of Cobra Kai ends up being the last season, which Netflix hasn't said yet, it would make even more sense for Miguel to win the Sekai Taikai. 

Cobra Kai was made by Johnny and Miguel's friendship and how they helped each other grow as people. Since then, Daniel LaRusso's old friends and enemies have taken over the show. This was a natural progression, but it can't go on for much longer. If Miguel made it to the finals of the Sekai Taikai and then won, Cobra Kai would come full circle. 

It's not easy to keep track of Cobra Kai's power levels, which is something that the show itself admits during a funny moment between Robby, Miguel, and Hawk. Johnny Lawrence quickly went over the three fighters' most important tournament matches, and the former Eagle Fang sensei admitted that it is currently impossible to say who is Cobra Kai's best fighter. The metrics of Cobra Kai can't answer that question because every character has had a chance to prove their worth. That's why the Sekai Taikai can finally put an end to the debate about Cobra Kai's power levels, at least when it comes to the young characters. 

No other tournament will have higher stakes than the Sekai Taikai, since people from all over the world will be taking part. So, whoever wins the Sekai Taikai is automatically the best fighter in Cobra Kai. Taking everything into account, how the Sekai Taikai goes will depend on two big things. One is the format in which the tournament will be fought, and the other is how strong will Cobra Kai be now that all of its students have left the dojo.


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