Julia Quinn, the author of "Bridgerton," doesn't think that Theo was meant to be a romantic interest for Eloise.

Theo Sharpe, a young printer's apprentice, was a fan favorite in Season 2 of Bridgerton. He and the main character, Eloise Bridgerton, become good friends. Many people wonder if the two will get together in a later season. Julia Quinn, who wrote the book Bridgerton, recently talked about how she felt about Theo and Eloise's relationship. 

The author of "Bridgerton," Julia Quinn, talked about how she felt about Theo and Eloise's relationship. 

Julia Quinn wrote a series of romance books that the Netflix show Bridgerton is based on. In both the books and the show, a noble family in the time of the Regency tries to find love. 

Eloise, who is one of the younger Bridgerton children, hasn't found a partner yet. Fans think that she might end up with Theo, though. Quinn talked about what she thought might happen between the two. 

The author told Insider, "That's not in the books." She meant that Theo is not a character in her book series. When she gave the rights to her books to Netflix and the production company Shondaland, she gave up control of the story. 

Quinn said that her involvement is "minimal." Even though her title on Bridgerton is "creative consultant," the writer said she has no idea what goes on in the show's writers' room. 

Quinn doesn't know what will happen in the show or between Eloise and Theo, but she did talk about her ideas about how they might be related. 

Do you think Eloise and Theo are going to get together? 

"This is just my guess as a viewer, but I think it was less about a love interest and more about her realizing how lucky she was," Quinn said. "[Eloise] is always complaining about unfairness, but she is easily one of the most privileged people in the country." 

"I don't know how much she understands that," Quinn said next. "I'm not going to criticize her for that, because the wrongdoing she's talking about is very, very real." 

In Season 2, Eloise meets Theo at a printer's shop while trying to figure out who the mysterious Lady Whistledown is. Lady Whistledown is a gossip columnist who writes about the love lives of the nobility. After arguing about women's rights and issues of class, they end up becoming close friends. 

"I think [her relationship with Theo] is helping her see that there's more unfairness in the world than what's falling on her," Quinn said in the end. "It didn't seem as romantic to me. It's more of a wake-up call for her mind." 

Will Theo come back for the third season of "Bridgerton"? 

Theo may or may not come back for Season 3. He and Eloise stopped being friends after it was written about in Lady Whistledown's newspaper. Eloise broke up with him because she was afraid he would get into trouble. Theo, who liked Eloise and wanted to be with her, said she was a snob. 

Some people wonder if Theo will come back for the next season of Bridgerton, since he and Bridget are no longer friends. It's not clear if he and Eloise will be friends again, but fans of the couple want them to get back together.

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