Little House on the Prairie":How Melissa Gilbert found out that Michael Landon had died

 After they worked together on Little House on the Prairie, Michael Landon and Melissa Gilbert became more than just co-workers. She says that they were like a family. Gilbert talked about the day she got the sad news that Landon had died. 

Their relationship is between Michael Landon and Melissa Gilbert. 

Gilbert felt like he knew Landon very well. She said that he was like a father and a teacher. In My Prairie Cookbook, Gilbert said, "Michael Landon was our boss, our father, and our teacher." Gilbert says that Landon and Little House on the Prairie Co-Executive Producer Kent McCray made the workplace full of "loyalty and creativity." 

Gilbert talked about a sweet moment she shared with Landon on the set of Little House on the Prairie. When she was little, she had trouble crying when she was supposed to. In her book Prairie Tale, she writes that Landon pulled her aside and asked, "Do you know how much I love you?" I love you so much." 

How Melissa Gilbert found out Michael Landon had died 

Landon went on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson not long before he died. Landon talked about the press conference he had to tell people he had pancreatic and liver cancer during that interview. Gilbert decided to see him so she could say goodbye after seeing the interview. 

Gilbert says that at first, she made up reasons to put off her trip. She was worried about seeing Landon sick or hurt. Since it had been a few weeks since he was on the Tonight Show, she wasn't sure what to expect. When Gilbert saw Landon for the first time in his last weeks, she was shocked by how he looked. She says she has never seen anyone "as sick" as he was. 

In her book Prairie Tale, Gilbert wrote, "He was very thin and weak." "He looked older than he was. All of his color had left him. His hair was white and his skin was gray. It was almost like he wasn't there." 

Landon died one week after Gilbert stopped by his house. She says that the TV was on in the family room and that she and her son Dakota were playing. She was shocked when she heard CNN say that Landon had died. She said she "may have screamed," so her husband took their young son out of the room because he started crying when he saw how she reacted. Gilbert said that she was "heartbroken" and could not be comforted. 

Melissa Gilbert says she "knew" Michael Landon would die. 

Gilbert says she knew Landon was fighting cancer, but she also knew he would die no matter what he did. She says that she thinks he knew that he was also going to die. 

"If I had done the math and added up all the cigarettes and vodka he had smoked and drunk, I would have seen that he had liver cancer," Gilbert wrote. "But I didn't really believe it until I saw him with Johnny." 

Gilbert got a wake-up call when he saw Landon on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. She knew that her dear friend would die soon.


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