Martin Henderson of Virgin River comments on the future of Jack and Mel

Martin Henderson, the star of VIRGIN RIVER, has commented on the status of Mel Monroe and Jack Sheridan's engagement-related relationship. 

As viewers anticipate the plot of the upcoming fifth season of Netflix's Virgin River, the show's star gave some important insight. Martin Henderson revealed details about his character's marriage to Mel Monroe (played by Alexandra Breckenridge). 

The protagonists of Virgin River's fourth season enjoyed a happy ending when Mel and Jak got engaged. 

In the future episode, the couple will also welcome a daughter when it was discovered that Jack was the biological father of Mel's child. 

However, after Charmaine Roberts (Lauren Hammersley) admitted she had lied about him being the father of her pregnant twins, Jack's world was also turned upside down by a new revelation. 

By the end of season four, the majority of their concerns had been resolved. Actor Martin discussed the future of Mel and Jack's relationship, and it sounds promising. 

"From what I understand, this season, you'll also see Mel and Jack get incredibly close," the actor revealed. 

"Some of the challenges they'll face will solidify their relationship. 

Many of the events in season four served to drive them away, such as Jack's alcoholism. 

"I don't think there was actual doubt about the relationship, but there were clearly some doubts and bumps that were making their connection a little bumpy," Martin continued. Hopefully, that significant suggestion ended that. In season five, I'm hoping to see them overcome obstacles together rather than be forced apart because I think audiences enjoy it when couples do that. 

Martin told, "You've got to have some bumps, but seeing them grow and deepen their love is going to be lovely." 

Viewers observed Jack start to drink excessively over the most recent season to deal with his many concerns. 

He struggled with complicated marital problems and alcohol self-medication for his PTSD after his time in the Marines. 

When Chris Lonergan's brother Tim (Rohan Campbell), who was attending the yearly fair, dropped by to deliver Jack a letter his brother had written to him, Jack's past as a US Marine was brought back into focus. 

Given that Tim had passed away in his arms when they were fighting in Iraq, this was a big occasion for Jack. 

After reading the letter, he collapsed intoxicatedly, and Mel nearly miscarried. 

After making a commitment to abstain from alcohol, Jack collapsed once more during the wedding of Mel's sister Joey Barnes (Jenny Cooper). 

Jack's decision to start drinking was also influenced by his brother Adam's death in a childhood accident. 

Jack finally sought assistance and began counseling after considerable prodding from Mel and a referral from Preacher (Colin Lawrence). 

Additionally, Jack's drinking started to have an impact on Mel's career after her new coworker Dr. Cameron Hayek (Mark Ghanimé) cautioned her to be cautious with him. 

Additionally, Jack's drinking started to have an impact on Mel's career after her new coworker Dr. Cameron Hayek (Mark Ghanimé) cautioned her to be cautious with him.


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