Michael Landon said he "fought a lot" with his wife before leaving her for the show's makeup artist on "Little House on the Prairie."

In the 1970s, Little House on the Prairie was a popular show, and it couldn't have happened with Michael Landon. Landon played Charles Ingalls, the show's father figure. He also helped make the show and directed a few episodes. 

Even though Ingalls was a popular character on the show, Landon also had a lot of secrets. And when he got divorced from Lynn Noe and then married the show's makeup artist, it caused a lot of trouble. 

Little House on the Prairie's Michael Landon was married to Lynn Noe for almost 20 years. 

Both Landon and Noe shared a lot of traits. They were both actors, and Noe was even in an episode of Bonanza, which helped Landon become famous. In the end, they ran away together in 1963 and had four children. 

Landon and Noe seemed like a good match, but over the course of almost 20 years, they grew apart. And Landon was interested in Cindy Clerico, who did the make-up for Little House on the Prairie. Even though Clerico was half Landon's age at the time, they couldn't hide their love for each other, so Landon filed for divorce from his wife, Noe. 

People quotes Landon as saying about his marriage to Noe, "I would have done anything to keep that relationship going, but I couldn't." "It's hard for everyone, not just the wife. Even the husband feels bad about it. But it's much better than keeping things the same." 

Landon said that he and Noe had "a lot of fights" before they split up

Landon was made fun of a lot for moving on from Noe to Clerico, who was a lot younger than Noe. INSP says that Landon gave more details about why he and Noe were splitting up after almost 20 years of marriage. He could see that they were fighting too much. 

"Lynn and I had a lot of fights over jealousy and the fact that I was always busy with work," Landon said. "I'd get sad, and then I'd yell at people at home and in the studio. … No one is flawless. No, not Charles Ingalls. "No, not Michael Landon." 

Landon also said that even though his marriage didn't work out, he didn't think it was a terrible thing. The actor said, "We were together for 19 years." "I don't think that was a marriage that didn't work. I don't think it was a terrible thing. We had some great children. We just didn't get bigger in the same way. We changed into new people. Both of us changed." 

Landon and the make-up artist from the show moved on. 

In 1983, Landon took Clerico as his wife. They had two more children together and seemed to be very happy. Their love story was cut short when Landon was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Landon, who was 54 years old, died just three months after the cancer was found. 

People talked to Clerico and Landon's kids about how life was after he died. The article says that the last words he said to Cindy were "I love you." And seeing how he dealt with his cancer made her ready for the day he died. 

Clerico said that she went to therapy and kept a routine to help her deal with the death. In 1992, she said, "But I haven't been on a date." "I went on a date with a friend, but he's just a friend. I'm not ready for love yet." Clerico was lucky that Landon had left behind "some beautiful letters in a little book" for her. "Those are things I read a lot," she said. "They are about staying strong and steady. Now I can sleep without waking up staring at the ceiling and feeling alone."

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