Over 5,000 costumes were worn in season 1 of "Bridgerton"

The 2020 premiere of Netflix's seductive new show Bridgerton was a visual feast and a dream come true for aficionados of period dramas. Bridgerton introduces viewers to a candy-colored interpretation of 19th-century London that makes other period pieces look dull in comparison. It is based on the historical romance novels by Julia Quinn. 

The first season of the television program about the Regency era features a truly magnificent exhibition of clothing, both elegant and colorful. The Greatest Showman (2017) and Maleficent: Mistress of Evil are just two of the projects Bridgerton's talented costume designer Ellen Mirojnick has worked on (2019). 

In an interview with Vogue, Mirojnick shared more information regarding the creation of the show's stunning costumes and the sources of inspiration. 

To produce over 7,500 unique costume parts, it took five months. 

Bridgerton's plot concentrates on London's affluent families, necessitating an extravagant assortment of clothing. Every character is described by Mirojnick as having: That type of outfit doesn't just happen overnight. A 238-person costume team was engaged for Bridgerton's first season, and they toiled ceaselessly for five months to produce an estimated 7,500 pieces of costume. 

Before filming had started, more than 5,000 outfits were created, as Mirojnick explains in further detail. Phoebe Dynevor, who portrays Daphne Bridgerton, the season's shining star, was dressed in 104 different costumes for the camera. The designer admits, "Even for a principal player, that's a significant number."


Although it is difficult to say whether a true debutante in the early 1800s would need that many gowns in a single season, it does show the richness and opulence of the era. 

Bridgerton prefers "sexy" costumes to "historically correct" attire. 

It was instantly clear from Bridgerton's debut that it would not be a normal Austen-style adaption. The designers were particularly interested in how to modernize and scandalize the historical drama's aesthetics. 

In contrast to the typical constrained period drama, this show is seductive, entertaining, and far more approachable, claims Mirojnick. We gave the scooped necklines and how they fit the bust a lot of thought... There is a ton of skin when you get a close-up. It radiates beauty. 

Although aspirational, Bridgerton's clothes are not entirely historically accurate. Color schemes and materials needed to be changed, and Christian Dior's designs from the 1950s and 1960s served as a major source of inspiration. The costume designers experimented with making multi-layered garments that allowed for more movement and fluidity utilizing organza or tulle. 

Color schemes contributed significantly to the storyline in "Bridgerton." 

It's no secret that costume designers utilize color to draw attention to particular aspects of their stories, and Bridgerton expertly selects color schemes that set apart various characters and their families. The wealthy, affluent Bridgertons typically wear powdery pastel blues, silvers, and greens that "feel like whispers of color." 

As Daphne grows older and transitions into her married life and duchess role, her attire gradually changes to richer pinks, blues, and darker silvers. 

The Featheringtons, who live nearby and are from new money, are dressed in considerably bolder and more vibrant hues. It's a decision made especially to highlight their arrogant traits and dubious fortunes. All of their clothing is excessively embroidered, overtly flamboyant, and plain garish. 

When the Sharma sisters are first presented in season two of Bridgerton, these visual clues are also utilized. The season's gem Miss Edwina, played by Charithra Chandran, and prickly older sister Kate, played by Simone Ashley, are deftly dressed in gorgeous jewel tones that pay homage to their Indian background. 

It appears that the 5,000 outfits made for season one were just the start. Seasons three and four of Bridgerton have already been approved, so we can be confident that its Emmy Award-nominated stylists and devoted costume crew will astound us with even more opulent attire and show-stopping creations.

Source: Cheatsheet.com

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