Sad to say, a 24-year-old woman died after her father hit her during an argument.


A 24-year-old woman named Simphiwe has died after allegedly being "slapped" by her father, Fannie Mtshali, during an argument. 

The event happened on Saturday night in Mpumalanga, South Africa, and the father of the person who died has been arrested. 

On the bad day, around 11 p.m., it was said that the 58-year-old man got into a heated argument with his daughter, which turned into a fight. 

During the fight, Mtshali is said to have hit his daughter hard in the face, and she passed out right away. 

When the police and emergency workers got to the scene, the beautiful young woman had already died. 

Her father, Mtshali, has been kept in jail until September 19, when he will have a formal bail hearing. 

Lieutenant General Semakaleng Daphney Manamela, who is in charge of the SAPS in Mpumalanga, said he was saddened by the woman's death and wished the situation had turned out differently.

In Other NEWS;

Stonebwoy recently said on AJ Poundz's midmorning show on Onua FM that he is still hustling, even though he is rich and famous. 

"I'm a hustler, and I still hustle. I've had to go through a lot because of where I want to be, and I still do. 

God's grace has made things better and prettier. So, remember this: I didn't make it within a year. 

In the year 2006, I put out my first song. "I graduated from Senior High School at that time," Stonebwoy said. 

The Ghanaian musician, who has won many awards and is one of the most consistent and active artists today, also talked about how social media affects the way music is promoted in the modern world.

"It's been hard work, determination, and prayers," he said. So don't lose hope. Keep going and try everything you can. 

Like social media. We didn't have it back then, so our version of it was being a hustler. 

Now that social media has done its magic, people use Tik Tok to listen to music.


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