Season 6 of Cobra Kai maybe delayed due to Sony and Netflix Negotiations

Season 6 of Cobra Kai, according to co-creator Jon Hurwitz, is currently being prepared but could be postponed due to discussions with Sony and Netflix. 

Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden Schlossberg, the creators of Cobra Kai, have issued a warning that Season 6's release may be postponed. 

Deadline met down with Heald, Hurwitz, and Schlossberg to discuss potential holdups with Cobra Kai Season 6. Hurwitz remarked, "We don't have an official Season 6 to announce yet. We're still working all that out with Sony and Netflix. "What we can say is that we think about these characters all the time," 

The announcement was made shortly after Cobra Kai Season 5 was made available on Netflix. Season 6's release date is still unknown, although the show's creators have acknowledged that they are already at work on it while filming another Netflix series. Hurwitz stated in the same interview, "We are currently working on Obliterated for Sony and Netflix. We're currently in the second month of production on that, and I predict that it will astound everyone. 

Cobra Kai: Season 6 Delayed 

Hurwitz continued, "But we're hopeful that there will be more Cobra Kai in the future. Considering that we are now working on another show, there may be a slight delay, however, provided all goes as planned, there won't be much of one. Obliterated, an action-comedy series by Heald, Hurwitz, and Schlossberg, will debut on Netflix in the near future.

Netflix has not formally picked up Cobra Kai for a sixth season despite favorable reviews from reviewers and viewers. Hurwitz did say, though, that there are plans for the show that go far beyond the just released fifth season, as he did in a prior interview. We are undoubtedly working toward an endgame, which, ideally, will extend past Season 5, the actor stated. 

Cobra Kai, which debuted in 2018 as a YouTube Red series before being picked up by Netflix, featured a number of characters from the original Karate Kid movies. Several villains from Daniel LaRusso's past reappeared, along with Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) and their kids in the foreground. 

Due to his collaboration with Daniel to eliminate Terry Silver in 1986's The Karate Kid Part II, Chozen Toguchi (Yuji Okumoto) has now earned the title of fan favorite character (Thomas Ian Griffith). Mike Barnes (Sean Kanan), who had a cameo in The Karate Kid Part III from 1989, returns back in Cobra Kai as the proprietor of a furniture company whose establishment is set on fire by Terry Silver. 

Streaming of Cobra Kai's five seasons is available right now on Netflix.


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