There are more than 34,000 Chinese people with Ghana cards.


The National Identification Authority (NIA) said that more than 34,000 Chinese people have signed up for the National Identification Card, which is also called the Ghana card. 

Professor Ken Attafuah, the CEO of Ghana, says that out of the more than 200 countries that have a presence in the country, the most people from China have Ghana cards. 

He said that people from more than 200 countries live in Ghana, and that 161,076 people have registered. More than 34,000 Chinese people have registered. 

Prof. Attafuah told the press that China has the most people with non-citizen Ghana cards. There are 34,712 Chinese people with these cards, which is 22 percent of the 161,007 people from other countries. 

With a total of 25,873 cards, Nigerians had the second most non-citizen Ghana cards, after people from India, who had 20,110 cards. 

He said that Germans have 4,329 cards, Lebanese have 4,324 cards, the UK has 4,133 cards, South Africans have 3,194 cards, Cote d'Ivoire has 2,150 cards, and Gabon has 1,958 cards. 

Prof. Attafuah said that as of September 15, 2022, there were 17,163,081 people in the NIA system, and that 16,627,326 cards had been printed and 15,869,026 cards had been given out. 

This happened because a Chinese woman named Aisha Huang who was known as the "galamsey queen" tried to get a new Ghana Card under the name Ruixia Huang. 

The NIA explained how the notorious Chinese galamsey kingpin Aisha Huang got a national identity card even though she was living in Ghana illegally. 

The Authority told her that she had renewed a card she had signed up for in Nhyiaeso, Kumasi, on February 26, 2014. 

The NIA said that Aisha Huang had signed up with the Foreigner Identification Management System (FIMS). 

Abudu-Abdul Ganiyu, the NIA's acting head of corporate affairs, released a statement on September 6, 2022, saying that En Huang, as she is known in their system, went to a Tamale registration center in August to get a new card. 

She wanted to sign up with the name "Ruixia Huang," the date of her birth as "November 7, 1975," and the number "EJ5891162" on her passport.


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