'Virgin River': Alexandra Breckenridge Just announced on twitter about a new character in Season 5.

Robyn Carr's romantic novel series was adapted for television in Virgin River on Netflix. The show centers on Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge), who, following a string of tragic occurrences, relocates from Los Angeles to the little town. The retired Marine who owns the local tavern, Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson), finds the nurse and midwife falling for him. 

Season 4 of Virgin River just started. However, Breckenridge is alerting fans about a menacing new character as season 5 filming gets under way. 

Filming for Season 5 of Virgin River has started. 

While viewers are enjoying Virgin River Season 4's premiere, the cherished Netflix drama is already planning for the future. The fifth season of the show's production has finally started in Vancouver after a little delay. According to What's On Netflix, filming started on July 1, 2022. The season will reportedly film for roughly five months and end around November 30th, 2022. 

This indicates that it will essentially follow season 4's timeline and probably premiere in July 2023. 

Fans were recently alerted by Alexandra Breckenridge to a season 5 character. 

Breckenridge has already warned viewers that a terrible new character will arrive in town to upend things when the series eventually returns. Melissa (played by Barbara Pollard), the sister of town favorite Nick (Keith MacKechnie), and sister-in-law Jo Ellen were introduced to us in Season 4. (Gwynyth Walsh). As we all know, Jack and Nick have made the decision to launch a joint glamping venture, but Melissa is in charge of the family trust. Additionally, we are aware of her relationship to drug trafficker Calvin (David Cubitt) and that she anonymously posted Brady's (Ben Hollingsworth) bail. 

Breckenridge told TV Line that Nick and Melissa's involvement in the glamping industry "may or may not become troublesome for Jack." "I'm not quite sure of her motives, but it's clear that she doesn't have good ones. I'm not sure if Nick is aware of Melissa's actions or if he doesn't care. He strikes me as such a nice person. I firmly believe that his wife is completely clueless. By now, she would have likely told everyone in town. 

Season 5 of "Virgin River" may have a significant time jump. 

Virgin River typically only has a week or two between seasons. Only a few months have elapsed in the story's history, despite the fact that the show is entering its fifth season. Breckenridge told Glamour that in Virgin River, "things go slowly." Breckenridge speculates that Mel has only been in Virgin River for three to four months. There is a chart for it, and there are one hundred and some odd days. At this point, she is just nine weeks pregnant, while Charmaine is, allegedly, five months. 

However, there will probably be a significant time leap because viewers want to see Jack and Mel's daughter born as soon as possible and find out who Charmaine's biological father is. 

No one wants to go through Charmaine's pregnancy again for Mel because it feels like she has been carrying Mel for ages.

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