Virgin River season 5 premiere date: Netflix’s big priority

If you and your friends are wondering and talking about when Virgin River season 5 might come out on Netflix, you should know that the people who work there are doing the same thing. They may have some ideas about when they'd like to bring the show back, but we can't say for sure... at least not yet... that they've decided on a date. 

When you look at what's coming out on Netflix in 2023, you'll see how important Virgin River really is. This coming year will be interesting for a number of different reasons. First of all, this could be one of their most important shows of the whole year. 

The first thing to remember is that Squid Game and Stranger Things, two of the streamer's most popular shows, will not be airing at all. This is because they both needed more time to get ready for and film their most recent episodes. Bridgerton will be Netflix's top priority in the new year, which shouldn't be a big surprise to anyone. This is one of their most popular shows ever, so they'll want to make sure it does very well. We think it will probably come out in the spring, maybe around the same time as Stranger Things did earlier this year. 

If Virgin River comes out in the summer, as we think it will, it and The Witcher could be very important to keeping subscribers. We think they'll be at least a little bit apart, and we're interested to see what Netflix does in this case! 

What do you want to see most when the fifth season of Virgin River starts? 

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