What Happened to John Dutton's Wife in "Yellowstone"?

The main characters in Yellowstone are the Duttons, who own the largest ranch in the United States. John Dutton is the family patriarch and has been in charge of the ranch for many years. John and his wife Evelyn raised four kids together. Evely died before the show started, which is too bad. Through flashbacks, the story of what happened is made clear

How did Evelyn Dutton die in 'Yellowstone'? 

Lee, Kayce, and Beth Dutton were all born to Evelyn Dutton. When Jamie was young, his father killed his mother, so she and John took him in. Evelyn only shows up in the show in flashbacks. What happened to her is shown in the Yellowstone episode "No Good Horses." 

In 1997, Evelyn went horseback riding with Beth and Kayce when they were young. Beth was nervous, and that made her horse startle Evelyn's horse. Evelyn was crushed when her horse fell on top of her. Kayce stayed with Evelyn while Beth went to get help. Evelyn died soon after because nothing could be done. 

Beth thinks that she killed her mother. 

In Yellowstone, Evelyn was not a perfect mother. It looks like she was especially hard on Beth. Evelyn looked at Beth as she was dying and said, "She did this. Let her undo it." It's not very nice to say that to a young girl who clearly didn't want this terrible thing to happen. Still, Beth says Evelyn was "the family's backbone." Beth says that her mother took the best parts of her father with her when she died.

Kelly Reilly talked about how the death of Evelyn changed her character, Beth. In an interview, Reilly said, "We get to see this very innocent young girl go through such a traumatic event." "She's never been able to move on. When her mother died, it was like a part of her soul just left. We start to see her different sides." 

Kayce and Beth both saw their mother die, but Beth feels bad because she blames herself for what happened. The Dutton family sometimes talks about Evelyn. On the day her mother died, Beth takes a bath in a trough and drinks champagne in one episode. At one point, she says that she thinks she killed her mother "because she was scared," according to Express. 

In "Yellowstone," John Dutton is hurt a lot by the death of his wife. 

John was also hurt a lot by Evelyn's death. In Yellowstone, Josh Lucas, who plays a young John Dutton, talks about how Evelyn's death affected his character. "When I play him, the character is both good and bad, and he wants to go back to being good so badly," Lucas said in an interview. 

"He probably has more hope until the death of his wife, which I think breaks him and makes him so hard that he stops caring." Even though it was a sad loss, John did eventually start dating Governor Lynelle Perry. But Evelyn's death made a big change in the person.

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