Who will die in Yellowstone Season 5 ?

On November 13, Yellowstone will return, but it won't be for the customary 10-episode run that viewers have come to expect. The fifth season of the Paramount Network show has been expanded and now has 14 episodes. 

When discussing the upcoming season, the actors and co-creator Taylor Sheridan revealed something quite intriguing: "If you look at everyone as a chess piece in Season 5, it is difficult to keep playing the game without taking chess pieces off the board." 

This indicates that a significant individual will probably watch their final episode of Season 5. Who survived the planned attack on the Duttons remained unknown at the conclusion of Season 3, but as Season 4 revealed, all of our favorites somehow survived. Sheridan is aware that audiences wouldn't support the same action again. A drama with this much brutality must eventually catch up to its major characters, as painful as it is to say farewell to them. The Dutton family has survived numerous sicknesses and attempts on their life, but the series debut featured the death of one of the Duttons. 

The first two episodes of the current season, according to Rip's actor Cole Hauser, were "amazing," while Beth's actress Kelly Reilly stated, "the difficulty is how do we top it every year, right? The ferocity really is getting worse. John Dutton, who plays the patriarch of the Dutton family, said, "You kinda gotta keep your foot on the throttle. Anything's highly improbable that it will surprise a crowd if it doesn't surprise you. (It was also discovered that Costner earns $1.3 million for each episode, making him the highest paid TV actor.)

In addition, when asked if he could picture his adoptive son Jamie (played by Wes Bentley) becoming close with his character this season, Costner said that such closeness wouldn't work for this show: "Probably the show would end. Really upsetting me is my dysfunctional family. Beth did just give John the tools he needed to fight Jamie, too. When he was disposing of his biological father's remains in the Season 4 finale, she took a picture (after essentially putting the gun in his hand to shoot him). 

We anticipate some significant surprises and changes in those first episodes based on these teases as well as the statement made in the season's debut trailer. 

Yellowstone, Seasons 1-4, Streaming Now, Peacock; Season 5, Sunday, November 13, Paramount Network

 Source: tvinsider.com

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