A GH guy storms the market and fires local vendors for overcharging for goods.

An angry Ghanaian man went to the market to lash out at the pricing practices of the majority of Ghanaian merchants.

He entered a nearby market and made the decision to confront the vendors about their exorbitant prices.

He claims that these dealers are evil for charging exorbitant prices for products like plantains, eggs, and tomatoes that are produced in Ghana.

The gentleman caused a commotion in the market by accusing the market women of being deceitful and wicked.
You are a nasty marketer of women. Even locally produced food was inflated to deceive us. Has the government given its approval for you to overcharge for these goods? Why are you treating Ghanaians so cruelly?

The guy went to alert the market women about the problems in the nation, which he claimed were the result of the traders' constant concern for profits.

He spoke against selling goods produced in Ghana at exorbitant costs.

The price of some goods on the Ghanaian market has gone up in recent weeks, and locals have been grumbling about how expensive it is to live there.

In the video below, an irate guy argues that if dishonest sellers stopped overcharging for their goods, the current situation might change.

Source: Ghpage.com

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