A spinoff of "Virgin River" could be on the way.

Virgin River, a drama on Netflix, is one of the most popular shows on the service. It's about a nurse named Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) who leaves Los Angeles to start over in a small town. Mel falls in love with Jack Sheridan, a retired Marine who owns the town's bar and is played by Martin Henderson. Mel is still trying to get over her past when she meets Jack. 

The TV show is based on Robyn Carr's books. It has become such a huge hit that a spinoff might be in the works. 

Virgin River is a much bigger show than anyone ever thought it would be. 

Robyn Carr's books have always been popular in the romance genre. But no one thought that the number of fans would grow so quickly when Netflix turned the books into a series. Breckenridge didn't think anyone would watch the show at all. Even after four seasons, she can't believe how popular one of the most-watched shows on the streaming service has become. 

"Virgin River did better than we could have hoped, and the number of people who watch it keeps growing... 

Breckenridge told New Beauty, "The only time I really feel like I'm "successful" is when all of a sudden I get more press and more people know who I am." "I'm still getting used to that." 

There have been so many fans of the show that Netflix might think about making a spinoff. 

There could be a spinoff coming

Every year since its release, Virgin River has been at the top of Nielsen's streaming charts. Now, Jinny Howe, Netflix's Head of Drama, has been talking about how long the series will last and how the universe might grow. 

"With Season 4, we can see that the fan base is strong and growing in many places," she told Deadline. "From what we've seen in Season 4 and how excited we are for Season 5, it seems like there are a lot more stories to tell. It will be interesting to see which characters continue to stand out and make people want more. We're keeping a close eye on this because we know this is a really rich universe of characters and that people, including myself, can't get enough. So I think that as long as that keeps happening, which we really hope it does, you can be sure there will be more Virgin River. 

Even though Howe didn't say anything directly about a spinoff, it seems like the best way to go given how big Carr's books are and how many characters are in the universe. 

Season 5 of "Virgin River" is almost done being filmed.


The fifth season of Virgin River is currently being filmed in Vancouver, and the cast and crew just celebrated the end of the 50th episode. Each season from 1 to 3 had 10 episodes. There were 12 episodes in Season 4, and there will be 12 episodes in Season 5. So, there are only four more episodes to shoot before the whole thing is done. 

Ben Hollingsworth, who plays Brady, told TV Line, "I think it's bigger and better than any season we've done before." "We're doing some really ambitious things on Virgin River that you've never seen before."

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