A Viral 'Bridgerton' Season 3 Reddit Theory Is Really Dividing Fans About a Release DATE Change

Bridgerton fans love a good rumor more than anyone else, especially when it comes from Lady Whistledown herself. But something new going on before season 3 seems to be making a lot of loyal fans nervous.

Fans were already asking when the third season of Bridgerton would come out, but a post that went viral on social media made them wonder when the next season's episodes would come out. Some people think Netflix might break with tradition and switch to a weekly schedule, starting with Shonda Rhimes and Julia Quinn's idea, even though the first and second seasons of their hit period drama came out at the same time.

A Reddit user recently re-posted a tweet that said, "Netflix will move away from the binge model for future projects, which means it will stop releasing entire seasons at once and instead release weekly episodes."

Since then, people have talked about whether Bridgerton, one of Netflix's most-watched shows, will lead the way.

Fans had a wide range of reactions to the rumor, with some completely rejecting the idea of a slow release. "Um, how about no???? "Imagine having to wait a week between episodes of Aubrey Hall and the Anthony/Edwina wedding, no thanks," one person said in the thread. "I liked how Stranger Things did it: they released 3/4 of the show at once, let the buzz build, and you could still watch it all in one sitting. The finale came out a few weeks later."

Others looked at its potential and pointed out what could be good about this choice. "It's definitely more painful, but I'd love for the buzz about Bridgerton to last longer than the first four weeks," said another fan. "The slow release is better for me! I miss being able to talk about and guess storylines as they came out, instead of everyone being in different places and only talking about it for like a week after it came out," someone else wrote.

Some people said that releasing two or three episodes at a time would be a good compromise. And it turns out that the rumor isn't totally false. What's on Netflix says that there have been rumors that Netflix has thought about putting out new episodes of popular shows every week to keep people coming back to the service. Even so, Netflix hasn't directly said anything to back up any of this.

It's not a huge stretch, though, because it would join other hit shows like Succession on HBO Max, Ted Lasso on Apple TV+, and a bunch of Marvel shows on Disney+ like Wandavision and Loki. Plus, the platform has already tried out popular shows like "The Circle," "Love is Blind," and "Stranger Things," whose fourth season was split into two parts.

As of right now, it looks like the whole third season of Bridgerton will come out at once. But who knows what will happen?

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