After he and Joyce Mensah broke up, Dr. UN gave back the car he had borrowed to surprise her.

The marriage between Dr. UN and Joyce Mensah, which only lasted two weeks, was officially dissolved yesterday morning. 

In an exclusive video posted on the former HIV/AIDS ambassador's social media pages, she said that she married Dr. UN on a contract. 

After acting as husband and wife for the amount of time mentioned above, it is now over. 

Remember that a day after Dr. UN married Joyce, he posted a video of himself giving his ex-wife a V8 Toyota Landcruiser as a surprise. 

It seems that Dr. UN rented the expensive car to try to get more "clout" on the internet. Since he no longer has anything to do with Joyce Mensah, it makes sense for him to give the car back to its owner. 

The two known attention-seekers' games with Ghanaians have finally come to an end, and they've been caught and shamed in a big way. 

One, they never got married to begin with. Two, the car Dr. UN said he bought for Joyce for millions of cedis is also a lie. 

Third, Joyce Mensah's claim that they spent 3 billion old cedis on their fake wedding is also a terrible lie.


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