After security guards drag a GIJ student out of his hostel at midnight, a fight breaks out.

Videos of a crazy scene at a private hostel near the Ghana Institute of Journalism's Dzorwulu campus have been shared all over social media. 

Reports say that at 11 p.m. on October 14, security guards at the Pleasant Hostel dragged a level 100 GIJ student out of her room by force. 

Even though we don't know a lot about what happened, we do know that the victim, who has only been identified as Ama Lollipop, had a fight with her roommate. 

The woman who started the fight is said to have gone to talk to the hostel's management, who then suspended Ama Lollipop for a week. 

After a week, she went back to the security guards and asked for her keys. They told her she had to write a 500-word essay saying that she would never fight with her roommate again. She refused and went to a friend's room. 

This made the guards go door-to-door to look for Ama and, when they couldn't find her, throw her out. 

After hearing about what happened, the victim's family reportedly rushed to the school. 

It seems that when the victim's brother got to the school, he beat up the security guard for dragging his sister out of the building at that strange time of night. 

Some GIJ UPSA and UG students live in the Pleasant Hostel, which is a private hostel.


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