After seeing a passionate Instagram post about Jamie, fans of the show "Yellowstone" are in a heated debate.

If Yellowstone's Instagram is dropping hints about the show's future, it could mean that Wes Bentley's character, Jamie, will be in a lot of trouble in the future, but fans are on his side this season.

The official Instagram account for the Paramount Network show shared a clip of a memorable scene in which the attorney general defended himself against Kayce's (Luke Grimes) accusation. This was done to get people excited for season 5. People may remember that Kayce asked Jamie why he hadn't checked on John (Kevin Costner) and Beth (Kelly Reilly) after their attacks. The lawyer said that he was cleaning up the mess because the Dutton family had also done something wrong

In the clip, Jamie says, "There's what's fair and there's the law." "They are not the same, and I am the reason no one is in jail right now having to learn that hard lesson."

Even though the throwback clip may have been posted in good faith to get fans excited for the November 13 premiere of Season 5, it got fans worked up in an unexpected way. Many people rushed to Jamie's defense right away in the Instagram comments.

"We're on Team Jamie!" someone wrote. "He can't get a break. He's telling the truth, he's the clearer for the family, and he's treated like a throwaway son," said someone else. "I don't understand why people hate him so much. "Did I miss something?" asked another fan.

Still, there were some people who didn't mind telling him what they really thought. Someone else said, "Jamie should never win, end of story."

Even more, some of them said they were confused. A fan wrote, "I love him, then I hate him, then I love him again." "Jamie is the guy we love to hate," said someone else.

So, what might this mean for the character in season 5 of Yellowstone? The action-packed trailer shows that Jamie is with John when he is sworn in as the new governor of Montana. But he never stops telling his family to be careful. "You'll have to fight them. He tells Beth, "They will fight you rough," and then tries to help his dad by telling him, "Signing this order is a declaration of war."

We can't wait to find out what happens next in Jamie's story.


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