Black Sherif shows off his "mother, grandmother, and brothers and sisters."

Singer Black Sherif made a lot of people happy when he posted a picture of himself, his mother, his grandmother, and his two handsome brothers. 

Since the talented and promising musician rose to fame, he hasn't talked much about his family and past. 

Ghanaians can tell from this picture that the singer comes from a simple background and values his family. 

In the beautiful picture of a family, you can see a young man about the same age as Sherif, a little boy, and two older women wearing scarfs. 

People think that the younger woman is Black Sherif's mother, who goes by the name Auntie Marie and who he has talked about in his songs more than once. 

The older woman looks like the singer's beloved grandmother. 

Even though he has a busy schedule, Black Sherif has stayed close to his family, which is not the case for many stars. 

Look at the picture below for more information...


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