Bridgerton’ Season 1: Why Dancers wear Historically Inaccurate Chokers

There are many places to buy clothes in Bridgerton. Over 7,500 costumes have been made by the crew, and most of them are based on the high society of Regency-era London. Dresses made of muslin and bonnets don't show up in the series, but chokers do. 

In one episode from Season 1, people at a ball wear black chokers. Fans who know about the time period may notice the mistake with the costumes. Back then, most people didn't wear black chokers. 

Since Bridgerton is set in the past, many people have wondered if the show is true to history. Several things about the show were right, like the fact that it was mostly about marriage. Once they were old enough to get married, the young characters would join the social season. 

People like Daphne feel like they need to find a partner. Still, people in the Regency era also liked to have a physical and emotional connection with each other. The show shows this part of the romances of the time, but it missed the mark on a few other small points. 

Some things about how people behaved in the Regency era are wrong. Back then, the English upper class cared a lot about manners and being proper. For example, a man would stand up when a woman walked up to a table. 

But some of the everyday manners aren't shown in the Netflix show. Even though many of the characters aren't married, they have private conversations, which wasn't acceptable in the past. Some choices about what to wear are also wrong. 

The fact that the dancers are wearing black chokers is wrong. 

In the fourth episode of the first season, the characters go to a fancy ball with dancers and racy music. Many of the people there don't wear necklaces but instead wear black chokers. A necklace hangs lower than a choker, which is the main difference between the two. 

Chokers have been around for hundreds of years, but their use in the ballroom scene is not true to history. The Atlantic says that after the French Revolution and up until the middle of the 1800s, back-ribboned chokers were associated with prostitutes. Since Bridgerton is set in the early 1800s, it is unlikely that women would have worn the accessory at that time. 

Even though it wasn't true, the showrunners had a reason for showing people wearing simple black chokers. Insider talked to costume designer Ellen Mirojnick about why they chose to add the piece. The reason is because the ball in this episode isn't as good as others. 

"That ball was just the right one. It wasn't like any other ball, and it was very strange, so that gave me the freedom to try lots of different things," Mirojnick said. The event is meant to be scandalous because two people are having an affair in the garden. 

How important other pieces of jewelry are in "Bridgerton" 

The costume department for Bridgerton chose other pieces of jewelry with certain purposes in mind. Penelope wears a lot of things with flower or butterfly designs, for example. It shows that she is younger than most of the people she knows. 

Also, Penelope usually wears necklaces that aren't too flashy. Her jewelry helps her stand out from her more animated sisters and keeps people from looking away from her face. Penelope likes to wear small pendants, but her friend Eloise usually doesn't. 

Eloise's lack of jewelry shows that she isn't interested in London's high society. Instead, most of her outfits have cravats. She has said that she wants to focus on her schoolwork instead of becoming a debutante. Eloise is not like her sister Daphne at all. 

Daphne wears earrings and necklaces a lot. But the jewelry looks simple because the stones are small. The character seems elegant and well-mannered, and the pieces show this. Even though she is now a duchess, Daphne's style hasn't changed.


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