Bridgerton's Nicola Coughlan shows her body transformation in a black bralette

After a Monday morning workout, Nicola Coughlan posted a photo to Instagram showing off her new figure. 

The Bridgerton actress, 35, looked stunning while taking a selfie in front of a mirror while wearing a black Nike bralette and Adidas leggings. 

Nicola, showing off her toned midriff, jokingly said she "earned a medal" for getting up so early to work out. 

Exercise: Nicola Coughlan displayed her physical transformation on Monday after an early-morning workout by posting a photo to Instagram. 

As she removed her makeup for the workout and pulled her blonde hair away from her stunning face, the beauty appeared to be a far cry from her Bridgerton alter ego Penelope Featherington. 

In an effort to take the ideal photo of the early morning journey, Nicola stared into her phone. 

If I ever get up to work out before, I do feel like I deserve a medal, and that's simply the truth, she snidely remarked. 

Amazing: In a black Nike bralette and leggings, the Bridgerton actress looked amazing. Adidas 

The celebrity appeared to have shed a large amount of weight in her most recent photograph, which was taken in March 2022. 

It comes after Nicola and her fellow Bridgerton co-star last week responded to inquiries over the impending third series. 

The actor, 29, acknowledged that viewers of the program take their annoyance with Colin and Penelope's romance out on him while the Irish actress delivered a sneak preview of Lady Whistledown's first column. 

They "placed brush to canvas" while painting with Claudia Jessie, sharing information about their characters as they went along. 

Exciting! This comes after Nicola (pictured) and her Bridgerton co-star last week responded to inquiries on the upcoming third series. 

Would you like to hear what Lady Whistledown had to say about Bridgerton season three?, Nicola questioned as she narrated the clip in true Bridgerton fashion. 

She starts by saying, "Dear gentle reader, we have been separated for far too long. At last, London's elegant set has made its return, and so has this author." Luke and Claudia nod in agreement. 

The question on everyone's mind as the season gets underway is, of course, which newly minted debutant will shine the brightest. 

Glimpse: The Irish actress provided a sneak preview of Lady Whistledown's debut article, while the show's actor, 29, acknowledged that viewers sometimes vent their annoyance at Colin and Penelope's relationship on him. 

Tease: Would you like to hear what Lady Whistledown had to say about Bridgerton season three, Nicola posed the question while narrating the footage in true Bridgerton fashion. 

"The crop this year appears to be pretty dazzling indeed," she said in her conclusion, "but not every young lady can draw the light." 

Luke, who portrays her on-screen brother Colin, was questioned by Claudia, who plays Eloise, the fifth Bridgerton kid, in another scene: "Why can't Colin see that Penelope [Featherington] is his true love match?" 

As they painted, Luke pondered the situation and offered this explanation: "Well, they met so young in the sweetest way conceivable, and it's such a great narrative how they met, but there's a lot going on and they can't see what is in front of them. 

This is clearly quite annoying for the show's viewers, and sometimes they vent their frustration on me. 

It was excitingly revealed earlier this year that the third episode of the Regency drama will center on Colin and Penelope's love affair.


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