Cobra Kai Main Character's Best Storyline

For better or worse, the first three Karate Kid movies stuck to a well-known pattern. Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio), the main character, gets into trouble with and becomes rivals with a certain group of people. In the end, he fights them in a high-stakes karate match. 

In Cobra Kai, which came out more than 30 years after the first trilogy, many of the characters from the first trilogy got into fights with each other again. But the show gave them interesting new stories and character traits that went beyond their archetypal roles and paid tribute to them. The show also used the old characters to introduce new ones who, over time, became just as important. 

Terry Silver's downfall is sad and interesting. 

At the start of season 4, Cobra Kai sensei and founder John Kreese (Martin Kove) calls on his old friend Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) to help him train his students harder for the upcoming tournament. Instead, he finds Silver living a quiet, happy life with a wise personality. Silver has figured out that his over-the-top behavior in The Karate Kid Part III was caused by his cocaine addiction. 

Silver eventually comes back, but he uses the knowledge he has gained to tell Kreese and his students to fight smarter and not make the same mistakes again. But Kreese doesn't like it at all when Silver does things that he thinks undermine his authority. So, he keeps setting off Silver's PTSD, which slowly turns him back into the scary person he worked so hard to leave behind, if not worse. 

Hawk's confidence grew again when he joined Miyagi-Do, which was the right thing to do. 

Eli Moscowitz, also known as Hawk (Jacob Bertrand), felt much better after he joined the Cobra Kai. Unfortunately, his lack of confidence led him to give in to the dojo's harsh ideas, which broke up many of his close relationships. At the end of season 3, he admitted he was wrong and turned on the dojo, but not everyone was quick to forgive him. 

In season 4, Hawk gives up karate because Cobra Kai cut off his mohawk, which gave him confidence, because he was a traitor. But his friend Demetri Alexopoulos (Gianni Decenzo) helps him get back to being Eli. This makes him want to join Miyagi-do with his friend. By doing this, Hawk slowly gets his confidence back, becomes a great fighter, and rebuilds the bridges he once burned. 

Kreese's respect for Tory Nichols gives him back some of his humanity. 

After taking control of Cobra Kai at the end of season 2, Kreese spends the third season filling it with fighters he thinks are the best. Tory Nichols (Peyton List), a former student who left the dojo because of problems with her family and money and because she was on probation for starting a fight at her high school, was one of the best. 

At first, Kreese offers to pay her debts if it means getting his best soldier back. In season 4, though, he slowly starts to understand Tory's problems and looks out for her best interests before, during, and even after the tournament. Even though he used to have demons and betray people, he still cares about Tory. This shows that he used to be a good person.


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