Dad slaps his SHS son in public for taking his girlfriend out in his car.

When his teenage son used his car without permission, a man beat him up very badly. 

Reports say that the boy drove his girlfriend Juliana to an event in the car that his father owned. 

He did that to get Juliana's attention and to make his friends happy.

After his father left the house, the plan was for the boy to get the car, drive to where his girlfriend was, and pick her up. 

He then took the girl to the event in his car. 

As soon as she drove away with the girl in his dad's car, his dad came back to the house. 

When he couldn't find his car, he called the police to report it missing. 

But he soon found out that his high school-aged son had taken his car out to impress his girlfriend. 

The boy's angry father drove to the scene, confronted the boy, and hit him twice before he could say anything. 

Juliana has also responded by saying that she didn't know the boy was going to take his father's car without permission. 

Lost Lands was the name of the event, which was held on September 30. It had to end very quickly.


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