From what we know about Cobra Kai's history, Mike Barnes has to be back in Season 6.

Mike Barners came back in Cobra Kai season 5, and even though he didn't have much to do, the show's history suggests that Barnes will come back in season 6. After four years of rumors and theories, Cobra Kai finally brought back Mike Barnes, the bad guy from Karate Kid 3. 

From Johnny's boss in season 1 to Miguel's mysterious father, there were many times when people thought Cobra Kai would reveal Mike Barnes. However, when the character came back, it proved that all of those theories were wrong. Still, Barnes's return may have been disappointing, but the character could still have an exciting future in season 6 of Cobra Kai. 

Two things in Cobra Kai show that Mike Barnes could still have something to do on the show. The first is Chozen, a character who was seen again for the first time in Cobra Kai season 3, but didn't show up again until Cobra Kai season 5. After more than 30 years, the bad guy from Karate Kid 2 came back to the story, but only for two episodes in Cobra Kai season 3. Chozen, on the other hand, was in all ten episodes of Cobra Kai season 5. Something similar happened with Terry Silver, who was a minor bad guy in season 4 of Cobra Kai but became the main bad guy in season 5. So, Mike Barnes's part on the show could also be kept for new seasons. 

Mike Barnes should have had more to do in Cobra Kai season 5 after waiting so long for Karate's Bad Boy to show up. Even so, season 5 of Cobra Kai already had way too many stories going on at once, so there wasn't much room to focus on yet another surprising Karate Kid appearance. Still, Cobra Kai knew how much people were looking forward to Mike Barnes' return, as shown by the dramatic, tense moment when Barnes is first shown. Daniel and Terry destroyed Mike Barnes's life in just one episode, and he didn't come back until the season 5 finale of Cobra Kai. 

What Part Mike Barnes Could Play in Season 6 of Cobra Kai 

Most of the show's stories came to an end by the end of season 5 of Cobra Kai. In fact, Netflix hasn't even said that there will be a sixth season of Cobra Kai. Still, season 5 of Cobra Kai set up the Sekai Taikai, which will be a big part of season 6. Daniel, Chozen, and Johnny were able to get their dojo, which they didn't name, into the Sekai Taikai, a global tournament where the Cobra Kai dojo also got in. Since all of the main characters from the show are now part of "Miyagi-Do-Fang," the dojo might need an extra sensei to help the students reach the next level. Mike Barnes is familiar with Cobra Kai, and season 5 shows that he can still fight. So, Barnes could become a sensei in season 6 of Cobra Kai. 

With all the hopes for Mike Barnes's return to Cobra Kai, there was bound to be some disappointment. Cobra Kai has a lot of references and callbacks to the Karate Kid movies, but it can't just rely on legacy characters. Still, now that Terry Silver has been defeated and the Sekai Taikai seems to be the only major storyline left, there may be more time to develop characters like Mike Barnes and Jessica Andrews. Cobra Kai is a show that knows how to play with nostalgia, so Mike Barnes would not be wasted on just a couple of episodes.


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