“I cried every night about my inability to make babies” – Diana Hamilton

Diana Hamilton, a gospel singer from Ghana, has spoken about the challenging years of her marriage when she was unable to have children.

She went to bed every night with tears in her eyes throughout the more than six years it took her to conceive and give birth.

Dian Hamilton said during a JOY Prime interview that she wants to see women who are unable to have children treated appropriately because of what she had to go through.

Every month when I was hoping and it didn't happen, I cried. You don't cry like an atheist when you cry like a Christian because you have hope.

If you don't cry, you are acting hypocritically. I cried as a result, but I had faith in God, and what He accomplished was a miracle.

Diana Hamilton noted that the joy of having children served as the inspiration for the majority of her compositions. She thinks they were worthwhile when she considers the painful therapy and all of the tears.

The singer of "Adom" went on to say that being diagnosed with a fatal illness that almost claimed her life was one of the lowest periods in her life.

When I was hospitalized for around six days, they were unable to diagnose the problem, and anxiety overtook me because it was the height of Covid and no one was allowed inside. I was terrified for my life.

"Tests were conducted, but they were unable to identify it for me. My infection rate was increasing, and doctors were using every available medication, but in the midst of my greatest concerns, God provided me incredible healing.

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Source; ghpage.com

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