"I need to spend $18.9 billion in two years. Who will help me?" Yahoo boy calls out for help

A video making the rounds on the internet says that a Yahoo Boy (a person who commits 419 fraud) is crying after figuring out how many years he has left on earth.

As you can see from the writing on the video, the Yahoo boy is said to have $18.9 billion, all of which he is expected to spend in the next two years.

He must have made a deal with the devil because he has so much money, but he only has a short time left to enjoy it.

The Yahoo boy could be seen partying with his friends and showing off his new Mercedes Benz in one part of the clip.

Another slide in the video shows that the Yahoo boy is willing to give up his whole family to keep his money.


In other news;

Nana Romeo tells Shatta Wale, "Someone is also richer than you. Respect the media."

Nana Romeo, a radio host, has said that dancehall musician Shatta Wale doesn't respect the media, even though they have helped his craft and brand.

In a speech to the Ghanaian musician who thinks he is the richest, the Accra FM host said that Shatta Wale talks badly about important people in the entertainment business, but he always needs them to do well.

Nana Romeo pointed out, using Shatta Wale's 38th birthday party from last night as an example, that the media did a lot to get the word out about the event, even though he was recently caught criticizing the media.

"Tell Shatta Wale that he needs to stop playing that game. You cannot sacrifice someone for your fame. You always insult and put down DJs and hosts who usually back you. You judge their way of life and even the clothes and shoes they wear."

"In the meantime, you can't do anything without the media. "Just look at your birthday. Most of the people there were from the media, and yet you insult them," Romeo said on his show.

Romeo said that Shatta Wale should be brave enough to tell the media not to play his songs if he really wants to break up with them.

"If you're brave enough to insult the media, you might as well tell them not to play your songs on their radio. So we know how serious you are, you should tell any radio station that plays your songs that they will be sued. Because you insult them, but you're happy when they come to your event. Also, not every news organization needs you," he said.

Source: ghpage.com 

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