Kwaku Bonsam kneels in front of live TV cameras and begs Ghanaians to forgive Nana Agradaa.

Nana Kwaku Bonsam, a well-known Ghanaian witch doctor and fetish priest whose name means "Devil" in English, has asked Ghanaians to help Nana Agradaa, a fetish priest turned woman of God who is in trouble.

In an interview with Kofi Adomah Nwanwanii's online Streaming Show, Nana Kwaku Bonsam got down on his knees and pleaded with everyone, especially those who had been taken in by the "Sika Gari" scheme or insulted by Agradaa.
He said that Ghanaians should find a way to forgive Nana Agradaa, who is now an Evangelist. He said that the man, who was almost called a con artist, went too far and did some childish things that need to be forgiven.

Nana Kwaku Bonsam sent a letter to Agradaa while he was pleading. She is still in police custody because she is charged with one count of charlatan advertising and five counts of defrauding by false pretense in a different Circuit Court.

He told Agradaa to be careful with people and to never scam or attack the personalities of others again. He also said that what she is going through, which has caused a national conversation, should teach her a lesson.

"I beg the government and everyone Nana Agradaa hurt to forgive her. Take it into account that she is a child, forgive her, and let her go." Nana Kwaku Bonsam said on TV while on his knees.



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