Nana Agradaa speaks following allegations that she defrauded churchgoers.

Evangelist Mama Pat, also known as Nana Agradaa, has once more been charged with defrauding her church members using a modernized "sika gari" model. 

According to evidence acquired, the former fetish priestess has successfully conned her first group of church members using her "Sika Gari" scam. 

According to reports, Nana Agradaa had earlier made a television promise to provide $300,000 to her congregation while promising to double any donations made to her. 

Many people came to her church on Saturday to make donations in varying amounts with the hope of receiving tenfold returns because of the wonderful news. 

However, Nana Agradaa's decision to close her church and flee after preaching left the victims unsatisfied. 

A heartbroken group of individuals reportedly wept and protested at the church's facilities in Weija to demand a return of their money, according to videos obtained by GHPage.

After years of defrauding trusting victims, the self-styled pastor, a notorious con artist and previous fetish spiritualist, claimed to have repented in April 2021. 

The born-again Christian eventually established the Heavenway Champion International Ministry in Weija, which within a short period of time gathered a sizable membership. 

It is surprising that individuals continue to fall for her scams and lose out on their hard-earned money. 

Finally speaking, Nana Agradaa claims that the rumors that have been circulating about her restarting her sika gari are untrue. 

Nana Agradaa claims that the devil and some of her opponents are trying to destroy her church by accusing her of defrauding the congregation, but they will utterly fail.


She reassured Ghanaians and her supporters that her church is still operating and hasn't collapsed as certain individuals and news organizations had said.


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