No be juju be that? A woman who went abroad comes back to marry an old man.

Netizens were shocked when a Nigerian woman who had lived in Europe for a long time, supposedly in Germany, decided to go back to her home country to marry an old man. 

The young woman who talked about her strange decision on TikTok said that European men are not good candidates for marriage because they do strange things. 

She also used the old saying "age is just a number" to back up her attitude and remind everyone that her husband has a lot of swag. 

"As all the men in Europe are wise, especially the German men, I'm just going to marry an old man in Nigeria so I can have peace of mind, and also because age is just a number," she wrote in the caption for the video. 

A story about a young woman who was surprised when she went to file a formal complaint against a man who tried to steal from her home is also making headlines on this online news site. 

She said that a man who was trying to get away from security guards climbed a transformer and was killed when he touched it, but when she ran to the police station to tell them, she was arrested and held. 

This is how her tweet says what she wrote: 

"A thief tried to get away from security at the estate at 2 a.m. on Monday by climbing a transformer. He got shocked and died right away. I went to the Ajah police station to make a formal report, but I was held there... Why? "I'm shocked!" 

Even though she was later set free, she said she was upset with how the police treated her and upset about how much money she had to spend. 

Here's what comes next in her message; 

"Yes, I was freed (not for free) and corpse was taken away (not for free) yesterday. I'm home and fine... I really appreciate all of you so much.


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