On his birthday, a woman gives her boyfriend a piece of land.

What's the biggest birthday gift your partner has given you so far? Use words to describe how you feel in the comments section. 

Well, a video of a beautiful Ghanaian woman and her boyfriend that went viral got her a lot of praise online. 

The woman, whose name is Sarah Lawson, broke the ice and went above and beyond with the birthday gift she gave to her boyfriend. 

Sarah gave her man a plot of land for his birthday, which is different from other women who just send "Happy Birthday" texts. 

In a video of the sweet moment, Sarah led her man to the land while he was blindfolded. 

When he got there, Sarah took off the blindfold and gave him the land's registration papers. 

The guy was surprised by how hard the girl worked to make his birthday party one to remember. 


Source: GhPage.com 

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