On NCIS, who was the mole that Kasie was trying to find?

At first, Kasie looked like the suspect in Episode 6 of Season 20 of NCIS. It turned out that she was actually looking for a mole as part of a special mission. 

When a dead NCIS agent is found and Kasie goes missing, Jimmy thinks the worst at first. Then she shows up, and she's linked to the crime scene in some way. So, everyone starts to worry that she might be the one who did it. But when Parker and McGee bring her in to question her, she turns the questioning around on them. She has her own questions, and she wants to find out the answers to them. 

It turns out that DCIS hired her to look for a spy in NCIS. Once she has ruled out Parker and his group, he can join the investigation. Vance is more worried about why DCIS included Kasie in the investigation, since she isn't an agent and it wasn't run by him first. 

Well, it turned out that there was something much bigger going on. The victim Kasie and the others started to think was the mole turned out not to be the mole at all. 

NCIS has a case of Robin Hood fever 

People sometimes want to be Robin Hoods in the modern world. This week, that's what happened. The team found out that Otis, an NCIS agent, was stealing money to give to charity. Then they found out that he had been stealing money from companies that said they would give money to charity but didn't. He held on to that money as a hostage to get them to give it in the end. 

The team kept digging while Kasie went to tell her handler what she and the team had found. Blood from the person who hurt Otis was on his cat. It turned out that the killer was always nearby. 

Otis had nothing to do with the Robin Hood plan. He just saw something that didn't seem right and told someone about it. Kasie's handler got involved because of this. Grace was the one who was holding the money hostage. 

Fortunately, Kasie has been taking some self-defense classes. When Grace turned herself in, Kasie used the zip ties that Grace had brought to put her in jail. Parker and the team got to her right as Grace was being arrested.

Source: precincttv.com

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