Power Book II: Ghost season 3 premiere date: Still on the way?

Like us, you probably have a lot of important questions about Power Book II: Ghost season 3 and what Starz is attempting to accomplish. This past weekend, they had a great chance to make an announcement in conjunction with the conclusion of Raising Kanan, but they decided not to. 

The Michael Rainey Jr. show is one thing that makes you wonder above all else: Will it return soon? How long will they make us wait?

We're beginning to have some ideas now that the surprising debut date omission has been revealed...

We should be aware that the likelihood that Ghost will return in 2022 has been declining for a while. Take a look at the Starz schedule: There just isn't time on the calendar at the moment with Step Up and The BMF Documentary both recently joining and Dangerous Liaisons' upcoming premiere.

Additionally, keep in mind that BMF season 2 will premiere in January. We like to imagine that if we were going to see Ghost in the coming months, we would have heard something this past weekend. Though the full season has been finished filming for a while, it appears like Starz is OK with holding us in suspense.

Why do this?

It’s mostly due to a glut of programming, but also a potential desire to spread out the Power shows to maximize the amount of time subscribers stay on the surface. Take off that conspiracy hat if you even have one since we don't believe that they are trying to intentionally harm the franchise or anything.

Let's just cross our fingers and wait for some more news in the near future for now. We sincerely hope that season 3 maintains the strong momentum from season 2.

When it comes to Power Book II: Ghost season 3 on Starz, what are you most anticipating?

Do you have a certain date in mind for the premiere? Make sure to share in the comments straight away! Once you've done that, keep checking back for more show updates.

Source; Catermatt.com

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