Power Book II: Ghost season 3 release date: How far away?

We know that Power Book II: Ghost season 3 will start on Starz at some point; the main question is when. 

Just asking this question brings us right back to the main point of this article: How long will it take for Michael Rainey Jr. and the rest of the cast to come back? We know that this is already very frustrating for a lot of fans. Last year at this time, we knew when season 2 would start again. This year, we still don't know, even though we know that season 2 has been filmed for a while. 

At this point, it seems pretty clear that we are at least a month and a half away, and probably even longer. It wouldn't be like Starz as a network to announce a show's start date at the last minute. At the same time, they have so many shows coming up in the next two weeks that it's hard to know where Ghost would fit in. Take Step Up 3, Dangerous Liaisons, and The BMF Documentary as examples.

 After Raising Kanan and The Serpent Queen end, these three shows will probably keep them busy for a while. We already know that BMF will be back for a second season in January. 

We hope that Ghost will come back in December or early next year, but if that's the case, we need to know more about it soon. This is one of the most popular shows in the franchise, and the way it ended was crazy enough to make us want to know more about what comes next. Why wait to say something if you pretty much know what it is? 

How long do you think it will be until Power Book II: Ghost season 3 starts? 

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 Source: Catermatt.com

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